Thursday, 10 November 2011

Peekaboo rabbit crochet iPhone case by Fibreromance

Peek –a-boo rabbit

Case it self:
Crochet hook size 4.0 mm, medium yarn
I had: 13 SC, 20 rows in blue, 10 rows green, 20 rows blue

Body of rabbit

Into magic ring, 5 SC, turn
R1: ch 1, SC , 2sc in same 3 times, SC, turn
R2: ch1, SC,SC,2sc in same, SC, 2 times, SC,SC, turn
R3: ch1, 2 SC in same, SC, SC, 2 SC inc,SC,SC,2 inc, SC,SC, 2 SC inc, turn
R4: ch 1, SC, SC,  2 SC inc,  SC, SC, 2 SC inc, SC,SC, 2 SC inc, SC,SC, 2 SC inc,
             SC,SC, turn
R5: ch1, 18 SC
R6: ch1, 2 SC inc, SC, SC repeat to the end of row, turn
R7: ch 1,   24 SC , fasten off.


Front side ears:
Light pink cotton crochet thread,
hook size 1.5 mm
Ch 9, 8 SC, hdc, DC, hdc, SC,SC, SC, SC, SL ST to the last, fasten off.
Join white : 8 SC, 2 hdc, ch 1, 5 DC, hdc in same st, hdc, hdc,6 SC, l st  SC is join st , do not turn,
2 SC, ch 1, turn
3 SC, ch 1, turn
3 SC , fasten off.
Work pink loose ends in, also one of whites.
Back side  of ears:
CH 11, to the third from the chain, 3 DC in same, hdc, hdc, 5 SC SL ST to the last, ch 1, turn
6 SC,4 hdc, ch1, 5 DC in same, 4 hdc, 6 SC, ch 1,
On short side
3 SC, turn
Ch 1, 3 SC, fasten off.

Rabbit tail:

Ch3, 1 puff st (yarn 4-5 times over the hook), fasten off.
Tide up both ends together, sew it on.

Ch 22,
Row 1: 20 SC, turn
Row 2:Ch 3, *3 DC, in same, hdc, SC, SC, hdc,* repeat to the end, turn
R 3:Ch 1, SC, SC, SC, turn,
R 4:Ch 1, SC, 2 SC in same, SC, SC, turn
R 5:Ch 1, skip first st, 4 SC, turn
R 6:Ch 1, skip first st, 3 SC, turn
R 7:Ch 1, skip first st, 2 SC, turn
R 8:Ch 1, SC, turn
R 9:Ch 1, *SL ST, * down to the base and next two st, repeat 5 times,
Fasten off. Sew grass on.

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